Simple Orb

Want to ad a Simple Orb to your graphics?
Then this is the guide for you!
Simple Orb

For this tutorial you need: Photoshop
Skill level: Easy



  1. Create a new document of your desired size, and mark a circle.


  2. Fill the circle using the gradient tool, with a darker color at the bottom and a lighter one at the top.


  3. Add the following layer style:
    Simple Orb
  4. Hit Ctrl + U, check ‘Colorize’ and give it any color you like. (you now have a orb, but you may continue to get a nicer orb)


  5. Create a smaller circle inside your orb (‘Select > Modify > Contract’ is a good way to do this), and fill it in a new layer has show:
    Simple Orb
  6. Lower the new layers opacity to about 45% and add some Gaussian Blur. Start with a small amount and repeat (Ctrl + F) to get a good amount.
    Simple Orb




Tip: You can try play around with the layer style, as well as the gradient to create different kinds of orbs.
Simple Orb

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